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Donald Trump does a favor for BMW and Mercedes

The biggest beneficiaries of President Donald Trump's drive to get China to "play fair" on trade are automakers such as BMW and Mercedes, which export expensive sedans and SUVs from Germany and the U.S.

Ghosn cautions it'll take time to get Renault-Nissan deal right

Carlos Ghosn tamped down expectations of a quick deal to combine Nissan and Renault, saying the specter of failed mergers in his industry loomed large.

Chevrolet races down a mountain

Chevrolet is off to the races in one of the newest videos to join our viral video chart.

China cuts import duty to 15% in boost for BMW, Tesla, Mercedes, Porsche

China will cut the import duty on passenger cars to 15 percent from the current 25 percent, in a boost to foreign automakers, just as the immediate threat of a trade war with the United States recedes.

Fiat Chrysler launches U.S. media agency review

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said it is beginning a media agency review in the United States. The incumbent is Interpublic's UM.